Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Remove excess languages from OS X

I stumbled upon a neat little tool a few days ago called Monolingual. This free and open source program will free up hard drive space on computers running Mac OS X by removing unneeded language files. Macs come with all of the international language packs installed and code for all of the different supported hardware architectures. OS X 10.5 is designed to run on multiple architectures, most notably PowerPC, Intel x86 and x86-64. Because of this software developers have created universal application that include all the code to run on a system installed on any of those architectures. The downside to this is that there is a lot of unused code sitting around on the hard drive just taking up space.

Monolingual will remove all of this unnecessary code and any of the additional installed languages that are unwanted. Monolingual has three tabs: 1) Languages, 2) Input Menu, and 3) Architectures. In the Language menu, be wary that US English is checked for removal by default. That would be bad because everything removed can only be replaced by reinstalling the operating system. By removed all the unnecessary languages from my computer, Monolingual was able to free up just over 6GB of space.

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