Sunday, March 15, 2009

Apt-Get vs. Aptitude

Just read an interesting article. I did some more digging and it looks to me like the aptitude tool is just plain better than apt-get because of its more efficient way of handling dependencies. Dependencies are software components that are sometimes used by multiple packages to save space. When a package is installed, all the necessary dependencies are installed with it. When a second package is installed that uses some of the same dependencies as the first package, it will just reuse those preexisting dependencies rather than installing them a second time. From what I can gather, aptitude is more efficient at handling dependencies than apt-get because it will remove orphaned dependencies, that is, dependencies that no packages are using. Apt-get will leave these behind by default. They can be removed, but aptitude will do it automatically.

It looks like I'm going to switch from apt-get to aptitude from now on.

More on dependencies.

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