Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sunbird vs. iCal

I've been using Mozilla Sunbird for my calendar duty for a few years now. I am a fan of Mozilla products like Firefox and Thunderbird and Sunbird does a fair job, considering that it has yet to see a 1.0 release. By using the Provider for Google Calendar extension, Sunbird can have bidirectional access to Google Calendar accounts. Since Sunbird is cross platform, when synced with GCal this allows for access to the same calendar from multiple computers running different operating systems.

But despite my desire to open source and cross platform software like that provided by Mozilla over proprietary and single platform software, I have recently found myself using Apple's bundled calendar application iCal over Sunbird. Google has released a standalone application called Calaboration that enables iCal to have bidirectional access to Google calendars. I set this up on a whim a right when Calaboration was released in the fall but never really used iCal for much until recently.

The more complete system integration, not to mention faster startup time of iCal has prompted me to switch my calendar application of choice on OS X from Sunbird to iCal. This is in part because I started using a Dashboard widget called QuickCal. QuickCal is nice in that it allows you to create calendar events using plain language.

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