Thursday, April 23, 2009

Transmission-daemon 1.52 update

Well the good folks who develop transmission have pushed out an update, 1.52, that seemingly breaks the remote program and won't let it talk to the daemon. In fact it still works, they have just added a new layer of security that was not very well documented. All of the setup and commands work just like they did according to this post with one new change. You now are required to provide authentication in order to get the remote to communicate with the daemon. Here is the syntax:
transmission-remote --auth=transmission:transmission
This is the default setting. You can issue commands to the daemon by adding additional options to the end of that command. You can change this default user name and password with this command:
transmission-daemon -u [username] -v [password]
Or, you can disable this and not require authentication with this command:
transmission-daemon -T
This should work, although it unfortunately did not on my system. If you want to keep from having to enter credentials each time you can create an alias in your .bashrc file so it will be entered for you automatically. Here's how to do that:
echo "alias t='transmission-remote --auth=transmission:transmission'" >> ~/.bashrc
This will create an alias for the remote program so that all you will need to type is the letter t followed by any options and the system will automatically insert the part you see above in single quotes.

Another notable update to Transmission is that there is now a startup script located at /etc/init.d/transmission-daemon so you can easily start, stop, and restart the daemon.

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