Sunday, May 3, 2009

Jaunty Jackalope Installation

On April 23 Canonical released Ubuntu 9.04, Jaunty Jackalope. I installed it that night and have been playing with it ever since. I replaced by existing installed Linux system on my desktop, which was Linux Mint 6, with this latest Ubuntu release. From my standpoint, there are two main advantages to this newest release. First is getting to use the EXT4 file system. I have been eagerly awaiting this because the benchmarks I have seen for it makes EXT3, which I had been using, look positively slow. The other thing about this release is that it is extremely polished from a user interface standpoint.

After installing the first thing to do is install the available updates:
sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude full-upgrade
All my hardware drivers were detected and installed automatically except for the nVidia graphics card and Creative sound card. The resticted drivers manager picked out a graphics driver for me to use and upon reboot I has desktop effects ready. I had to download my sound driver from Creative's website and compile from source which proceeded without any hiccup.

I detailed here about how to configure Ubuntu's firewall. I also installed a GUI for it which comes preinstalled with Mint. What gives Ubuntu? Here's the command to install it:
sudo aptitude install gufw
Ubuntu does not come with a lot of codecs preinstalled, unlike Mint. Installing them is easy however:
sudo aptitude install ubuntu-restricted-extras
Here are some of the other packages I installed:
build-essential (C and C++ compiler)
checkgmail (Gmail notifier)
ssh (full SSH package, including the server)
filezilla (FTP/SFTP/FTPS client)
vlc (media player to replace the included Totem)
sunbird (calendar application from Mozilla)
iptraf (console based bandwidth monitor)
sun-java6-jdk (Java SDK and runtime)
simple-ccsm (Compiz desktop effects manager)
I had to go to to find a Songbird installer. Songbird is included in the repositories for Mint but not in Ubuntu yet.

All in all I have very happy with Ubuntu thus far. This release is so good it makes me impatient for the next release of Linut Mint.

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