Sunday, May 24, 2009

A problem with Safari 4

I just read something of a disturbing article about the whole mess of crap that Apple's Safari 4 leaves in its wake. The author makes good points about wasted hard disk space and the privacy implications. On my Mac, one of the locations he sites is slightly different, with the three places of interest for me being:
  1. ~/Library/Caches/Metadata/Safari/History/
  2. ~/Library/PubSub/Feeds/
  3. /private/var/folders/Gv/GvY9b27uGaWWJ9oSwMEg5U+++TI/-Caches-/ Previews/
You can clear all of this crap out manually by opening Safari and going to the menu bar and choosing
Safari > Reset Safari...
The "Reset Safari" option box will pop up. Check off all of the options and click the "Reset" button at the bottom. This will clear out all of the junk Safari leaves behind. Since Safari is not my primary web browser, I tend to use this feature probably every week or so. Another reason to use Firefox I suppose.

If you don't want to reset all of your content in Safari, running these three commands will handle all of the junk it leaves on your system:
rm -rf ~/Library/Caches/Metadata/Safari/History/*
rm -rf ~/Library/PubSub/Feeds/*
rm -rf /private/var/folders/Gv/GvY9b27uGaWWJ9oSwMEg5U+++TI/-Caches-/\ Previews/*

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