Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Install audio and video codecs in Fedora

Installing the necessary codecs for audio and video playback of some common formats is a bit of a pain in Fedora. The codecs I installed were obtained from the rpmfusion repository. To enable it, first download their key from here. Download the key titled "RPM-GPG-KEY-rpmfusion-free-fedora-11". You can save it to wherever you'd like on your system.

Import the key with this command:
sudo rpm --import /path/to/key/RPM-GPG-KEY-rpmfusion-free-fedora-11
Next, go to this page and click on the link that says "RPM Fusion free for Fedora 10 and 11". Save the file called "rpmfusion-free-release-stable.noarch.rpm" to somewhere convenient. Install it by double clicking the file or by typing:
rpm -i /path/to/file/rpmfusion-free-release-stable.noarch.rpm
Now run these commands to install the codecs:
yum check-update
sudo yum -y install gstreamer-plugins-ugly totem-xine xine-lib-extras-freeworld
sudo totem-backend -b xine
These commands will update the repository information, download and install the codecs, and enable them.

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