Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My philosophy of software usage

You have to use software that you like. If that software is free and open source then all the better. In reality though, you will always be best off using software that you are happy with than software that you are told is arbitrarily "better."

Now that isn't to say that you shouldn't try new things. For all you know, some piece of software that a friend suggests may be better for you than what you are using now. At the very least you got to play around with a new program and at best you found something better to use.

Customization is a good thing. By customizing your desktop, operating system, software, etc. you are able to make it work for you. One of the keys to increasing productivity is customization. Play around with settings until you get your individual setup to behave the way that is the best for you.

Customization can go too far. Something I am always conscious of is whether or not I will be able to recreate a particular configuration. If the answer is anything other than "yes" then there is a problem. Customizing your system to the point that you are unable to recreate it is debilitating. You will become afraid to reinstall your system or make new changes.

Operating systems will, eventually, need to be reinstalled. They break, become bloated and get outdated. Accept that fact and make your customizations accordingly. If you need to, write down what you did. One of my main reasons behind starting this blog was to catalogue what I know so that I can do it again.

A lot of the configuration I have done on my Linux systems has been command line or text based. This is much more difficult to do again than a graphical configuration utility with check boxes and menus. I always worried that I would have to constantly keep researching the same topics. By cataloguing my configuration steps here, on my blog, I can go back and look them up quickly and easily. I regularly look up information from my posts as reminders.

Make your system yours. By doing so you will be happier while using it and you will become more productive. Always ensure that you are able to reproduce your configurations later on lest you fear losing your system so much that it paralyses your options.

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  1. thanks mate, you have inspired me to make a note of some of the stuff I've done to my systems :D


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