Saturday, June 13, 2009

Scripted Ubuntu configuration

After only a few days with Fedora 11, I wiped my hard drive and installed Ubuntu 9.04. Using Fedora felt like work. Computing should be fun. Ubuntu is fun. Fedora was not.

Between virtual machines and full installations I have probably installed Linux more than 20 times in past few months. Getting a new system configured can be tedious and time consuming. This time around, I wrote a handy script to automate the installation process for Ubuntu. The real trick to it was setting it up so that the script would switch back and forth between my normal user and root.

The end result was a script that runs some commands as a normal user, then switches to root for system updates, application installation, and some other configuration commands, and finally switches back to my normal user to finish up the configuration. All with minimal user input.

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