Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Install sSMTP in CentOS

In my last post I wrote about how to send email from the Linux command line using sSMTP and how to install it in Ubuntu. sSMTP is included in the repositories for a lot of distributions, but not for CentOS. Luckily, its easy to grab and install it from a Fedora repository. First, become root, then run these commands:
# rpm -Uvh
# yum -y install ssmtp
That's it, now sSMTP is installed and ready to configure just like I detailed in this post.


  1. Thanks, now you can find it here:

  2. after the command:
    rpm -Uvh

    you have to edit the file

    in the section [epel],
    change enabled=0 to enabled=1

    then you can install ssmtp with:
    yum install ssmtp

    1. Thanks, saved me lots of time.


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