Thursday, August 27, 2009

Configure iptables in Debian and Ubuntu

Iptables is the classic firewall for Linux systems. Iptables is very flexible and very powerful, but it not known for being terribly user friendly. This is partly the reason that Ubuntu ships with ufw, a simplified and much easer to use interface for iptables. Ufw, however, is not as powerful as iptables and the number of rules it can handle is limited.

I have updated the iptables setup script on my website to reflect the necessary configuration steps for use with Debian and Ubuntu. Additionally, this updated script contains some new features compliments of my friend Phil including optional integration with a perl script that blocks connections from a known blacklist and rules to help defend against DoS attacks, block ping requests, and prevent brute force attacks over SSH.

Here is a link to my downloads page where you can find the new script:

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