Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Disable GUI in Ubuntu/Debian

Ever had a Linux machine with a GUI installed and later decided that you don't always (or ever) need the GUI to be running? A GUI will consume system resources that may be put to better use somewhere else. If you happen to be running Ubuntu or another Debian based machine, you can do it like this:
# update-rc.d -f gdm remove
This command does require root privileges. Also, this command assumes you are running GNOME. If you are running KDE it would look like this:
# update-rc.d -f kdm remove
If you are running XFCE, it will look like this:
# update-rc.d -f xdm remove
To load the GUI for the duration of a logged in session, use this command:
If you later decide that you do want the GUI to be running all the time, use this command to do so:
# update-rc.d -f gdm defaults
Switch gdm for kdm or xdm as appropriate.

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