Thursday, November 5, 2009

Reset sound settings in Ubuntu

Ever messed around with the settings on your computer and not been able to get them back to what they used to be? I have. Most recently I have played around with my sound settings in Ubuntu and then wanted to revert back to the original settings but I had made too many changes to be able to. In the end its sometimes just easiest to completely remove the existing configuration and install the default settings anew. Run this command:
$ sudo aptitude -y purge alsa-base && sudo aptitude -y install ubuntu-desktop
When you purge the ALSA settings it will also remove the meta-package ubuntu-desktop. That is okay. It will not remove any actual packages other than alsa-base. To reinstall the default sound settings all you have to do is reinstall the ubuntu-desktop meta-package and it will install all of its missing dependencies, one of which is alsa-base.


  1. Thanks made my day!

  2. what worked for me is killing npviewer.bin process (flash).

  3. This worked for me to though a reboot was necessary



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