Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Disable all data on Motorola Droid

On the Motorola Droid, there is an option called "Airplane mode" that disables all wireless connections (data, WiFi, calls, and bluetooth). This is great for airplanes. Other times it is nice to have the option to just disable the phone's data connection without sacrificing the ability to make phone calls. There are apps like APNdroid that does this for GSM phones (T-Mobile, AT&T, most of the world). Luckily, this functionality is already built into the Moto Droid using a hidden menu. This does not require any special ROM or ROOT power, it works on a factory build of the operating system.

Start by opening the "Phone" app. Dial this number:
To make it easier to remember, 7764726 spells "program" on the dial pad. Press the call button. You will be prompted to "Enter SPC password". The password to enter is "000000". Then press the "Verify" button. You will now see a menu with options numbered 01-09. Touch "09 Data Call Settings". You will see two options, "Data Call Enabled" and "Disable At Startup". By default, only "Data Call Enabled" is checked. Go ahead and touch it to uncheck "Data Call Enabled". In a couple of seconds, the 3G or 1x indicator at the top of the screen will go away. Now the data connection on the phone is disabled but you retain the ability to make phone calls and send/receive SMS messages. To turn your data connection back on, just recheck the box


  1. Most excellent. I've been trying to get droidwall working for days. Now I find the functionality was built into the phone. Thanks!!!

  2. Awesome man! There was another way to do it though a build in program but the key sequence was hard to remember, and it would only give you the option to disable data on startup. This method is a lot easier to do, and you don't need to reboot the phone to enable/disable data.

  3. Thanks! Quick Q about a related part - With data disabled this way, can Data be pulled through WiFi when WiFi is turned on? Or does this block ALL data exchange?

    Would allow using a Droid on a prepay like Tracfone, keeping all data to WiFi but allowing calling and SMS over cellular.

    Thanks again!!


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